Other Venous Disease

Skin Changes, Swelling, and Ulcers

Because you are on your legs all day.

It can be hard to identify the cause of leg pain and discomfort. As a vein specialist, Dr. Spartz in Roseville near the Twin City of Minneapolis and St Paul can help determine if symptoms are caused by venous disorders.

Swelling– Leg swelling may be caused by venous disease. Most of the time venous swelling worsens throughout the day and is worse after periods of prolonged standing. The swelling associated with venous disease is often around the ankle or foot, but may extend up the leg into the calf or even above the knee in very severe cases. Our Minneapolis leg pain and swelling treatments can combat venous disease and help return your life to normal.

Skin Changes – In more advanced venous disease the skin can undergo changes such as discoloration or thickening. These changes are thought to be a result of the pooling of blood and added pressure in the leg as the vein valves fail to bring blood out of the foot and leg adequately. The discoloration may be brownish starting at the foot and ankle and as the severity increases the discoloration moves up the leg. The skin may even start to look like it has eczema on it, or the discoloration may be white in appearance. These changes will be evaluated and assessed for their severity by Dr Spartz.

Ulcers– Venous ulcers occur when the skin breaks down completely as a result of untreated venous disease. This type of ulcer is often tough to heal and even if it does heal, if the venous disease is not treated the ulcer will often recur. These ulcers represent the most severe form of venous disease and can have a huge impact on your quality of life without help from our Minneapolis venous ulcer treatment specialists. In order to effectively treat the ulcer, the root problem of venous disease must be addressed concurrently to ensure successful healing. Our Minneapolis venous ulcer treatment experts can help keep your veins healthy.

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