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The staff at Spartz Vein Clinic believes that the gift of good health should be available to everyone.  To this end, Spartz Vein Clinic  is committed to donate at least 5% of all profits to medical charities.

This is how all medical practices should work.

Our current charitable partners are the Hackett Hemwall Foundation and Khana Panties. 

The Hackett Hemwall Foundation provides high-quality medical treatment to people around the world who are otherwise unable to afford medical care.  In addition to financial support, Dr. Spartz donates her time and skills to the foundation’s venous disease medical vein treatment mission work in Honduras. Through this work Dr. Spartz has seen first hand the destructive power of untreated venous disease. Advanced treatments for venous disease are challenging to obtain in Honduras. The progression of the disease often goes unchecked resulting in large open ulcers that are difficult to treat and heal in the tropical and often unsanitary conditions. Over 1500 patients are treated each week that the Hackett Hemwall Foundation operates the program.

Khana Panties provides underwear, washable pads, soap, and information about menstruation to girl in Uganda.  Without panties to hold pads in place, over 8 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss up to one week of school every month. Many girls drop out entirely once they start their period. Since March of 2020, Spartz Vein Clinic has donated 5 Khana kits to Ugandan girls for every new patient seen at our Roseville or Eagan clinics.  

Dr Spartz and Spartz Vein Clinic are committed to bringing good health and social progress to parts of the world where resources are lacking. We are dedicated to the goals of the Hackett Hemwall Foundation and Khana Panties:  We are proud to support both through this support.


We accept all major insurance plans and are centrally located, serving those in Roseville, Eagan, Lakeville, and Woodbury. We provide chronic venous insufficiency services and extensive leg pain treatment.

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