Spartz Vein Clinic is proud to announce that we will be extending our partnership with @khanapanties through March of 2022, continuing to donate 5 Khana kits to young girls in Uganda for every new patient we see at Spartz Vein Clinic.

Khana kits enable Ugandan girls to stay in school by providing underwear, washable pads, soap, and information about menstruation.  Without panties to hold pads in place, over 8 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss up to one week of school every month. Many girls drop out entirely once they start their period. 

Since March of 2020, Spartz Vein Clinic has donated 5 Khana kits to Ugandan girls for every new patient seen at our Roseville or Eagan clinics.  We believe that girls should be able to continue their education no matter what time of the month it is!