There are many symptoms which are associated with vein disease. Some of the more common complaints I hear from my patients about their legs are aching, cramping, burning, itching, numbness, restlessness, swelling, heaviness and fatigue. In my years as a phlebologist I’ve heard some very colorful ways describing just how awful varicose veins can feel. Maybe you can identify with some of these.

  • “My legs feel like they have cement in my veins they’re so heavy.”
  • “After workouts my legs just don’t have the same get up and go they used to.”
  • “My legs swell up when it gets hot and humid out. I’m the only person who’s hoping summer ends soon!”
  • “I can’t sit still to watch a movie anymore my legs feel so restless. And when I go to bed I keep my partner up all night with how much I move my legs.”
  • “My legs ache and are tired all the time.”

Many of my patients have had varicose veins for so long they barely notice their symptoms anymore. They’ve adapted and figured out ways to cope with their symptomatic legs even though they may be getting progressively, albeit slowly, worse over the years. When patients describe this to me we talk about how what they’re feeling in their legs has become the “new normal” for their legs, but it is definitely not how most people’s legs feel.

The exciting thing about treating patients like this is the relief they feel after treatment. It’s an incredible thing to no longer have pain, tenderness, swelling, and fatigue in your legs when you may have suffered with these symptoms for years. It’s such a privilege for me to be a part of a treatment plan that actually helps people feel better and really impacts their quality of life. One of my greatest joys as a physician is when a patient tells me that they rode their bike further, ran and played with a grandchild longer, tackled a 5K walk, or was able to stand at a work meeting without having to stop and think about their legs.

Do you stop and think about your legs when you’re trying to get through your normal day? Do you have symptoms that sound similar to what I’ve described above? If you do it may be varicose veins that are bothering you. Please call Spartz Vein Clinic (651) 797-6880 for an evaluation or free vein screening.