Walking and Vein HealthOne of the best things you can do for your leg and vein health is to WALK, WALK, WALK! Walking is essential to keeping your legs fit and keeping the circulation in them moving in the right direction. When we walk the muscles in our calves give a good squeeze to the leg veins and help propel blood back to the heart. This muscle pumping action with walking accounts for 70% of the blood that leaves the legs. When that calf muscle pump is not activated the blood is more likely to stay stagnant in the legs and make varicose vein problems worse.

So, if you find yourself sitting for a long period of time or standing in one spot, take a quick “activity break” and activate your calf muscle pump.  It’s as simple as taking 20 steps.  If you can’t get out of your seat even pumping your ankles back and forth 20 times gets the blood flushed out of your lower legs and back to your heart.

The more you walk and exercise the stronger your calf muscle pump will become. Each individual calf pump will function even better to help keep your legs healthy and your veins working properly.

A good walking program can keep your other important pump, your heart, healthy too. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity.  This could be several shorts bursts of walking or a 40-minute walk 4 times a week to get up to your total.

When it’s chilly and icy outside, find an indoor spot to walk; like a mall or a recreational center.  Spartz Vein Clinic is the official sponsor of the Rosedale Mall Walking Program. You can join the other walkers at the mall and get a peek at the latest fashions while you get your steps in and get your calf muscle pump working.

Another local option is the Roseville Skating Center.

Get PUMPED and get walking!