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If you have Varicose Veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), or other medically necessary conditions treated at Spartz Vein Clinic, most insurance plans cover the initial consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Do we accept your insurance plan?

We accept most major insurance plans with in-network benefits,
including Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Medicare, UCare, Cigna, and Medicaid.

Conditions like Spider Veins and Reticular Veins are most often considered cosmetic procedures. Payment for these treatments is usually the responsibility of the patient.

Spartz Vein Clinic offers free screenings to help identify vein conditions and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. For your convenience we offer free screenings at our Roseville, Minnesota location. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about your specific insurance information, call Spartz Vein Clinic at 651-797-6880.

For appointments or referrals, please call
or visit our online appointments page.

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