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If you have issues with varicose or spider veins, you know how self-conscious it can make you feel, not to mention how painful it can be. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with leg pain or to be hesitant to show your legs forever. Many options are available at our vein clinic serving Faribault for varicose and spider vein treatment. Dr. Spartz can help improve the appearance of your legs and reduce the pain. Our caring and knowledgeable team can assess your situation, diagnose, and develop a proper treatment plan so you no longer have to deal with symptoms.

Vein Clinic

When people notice issues with their veins, they first schedule an appointment with their primary care physician. If you have venous insufficiency, the best action is to visit a vein clinic specializing in treating these issues. At Spartz Vein Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-notch care for any vein issues.

Varicose Treatments

You may have varicose veins in your legs if you have noticed large, bulging veins. Varicose veins generally are accompanied by pain, and they can worsen with weight gain, circulation problems, or pregnancy. They are a sign of venous insufficiency, can be very unsightly, and will cause swelling and pain. Having them taken care of by a professional at our vein clinic serving Faribault can improve your quality of life and help get you back on your feet, both literally and figuratively.


Some of our patients seeking varicose and spider vein treatment near Faribault are a bit hesitant because they believe it will be an invasive procedure with a long recovery time. Because of that, Dr. Spartz offers sclerotherapy at our vein clinic near Faribault, a procedure in which the doctor injects a solution into the blood vessels that causes them to shrink. It is generally a very safe and effective treatment for both spider and varicose veins, and it doesn’t require surgery. It can also treat lymph and blood vessel disorders that have caused the vessels to form incorrectly.

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If you think you are dealing with venous insufficiency, it’s essential to seek proper treatment to make sure it doesn’t progress. Give us a call at Spartz Vein Clinic to schedule an appointment. We enjoy serving our neighbors at our vein clinic near Faribault.