Leg Pain Causes and Treatments

Suffering from leg pain can be miserable, affecting your daily life and even your sleep. Unfortunately, it is often caused by a venous disorder. Spartz Vein clinic can help people in the Minneapolis area get to the bottom of leg pain and suffering, helping you regain control of your health and your life. Here are some common leg issues and their causes. 

Leg Swelling

If you are dealing with leg swelling, it could be caused by venous disease. You may notice the venous swelling will worsen throughout the day, especially after prolonged standing. Receiving venous treatment can help lower swelling. 

The swelling will typically occur throughout the ankle or foot but could extend up the leg into the calf or above the knee in severe cases. Our Minneapolis vein clinic’s leg swelling treatment options can combat venous disease and help return your life to normal. 

Skin Changes and Ulcers

More advanced venous diseases will cause skin changes such as discoloration or thickening. These changes are often the result of the pooling of blood and added pressure in the leg. The discoloration could be brownish and start at the foot and ankle. The discoloration typically worsens as you move up the leg. 

The skin breaking down completely could be a result of untreated venous disease. Ulcers can be difficult to heal and in serious instances, don’t heal at all. These ulcers represent the most advanced form of venous disease and can have a massive impact on your quality of life without help. Spartz Vein Clinic can evaluate leg ulcers and skin changes at one of our Minneapolis-area clinic locations

Are You in Need of Venous Disease Treatment?

If you are dealing with leg pain, our Minneapolis-area team is here to help. We offer venous leg ulcer treatment services to help ease your pain, improving your quality of life. With clinic locations in Maplewood and Eagan. We can help clients all over Minneapolis with leg pain treatments. Give us a call today! 

These veins can sometimes have pain or itching associated with them, but for the most part, they are treated because they are cosmetically undesirable. They can sometimes be the first sign that there is more extensive underlying venous disease present in the affected leg. Therefore, a more thorough examination is sometimes needed to determine if the underlying disease is present which would need to be treated as well in order to get the desired long-term resolution of the spider veins.

Our Minneapolis spider vein treatment use sclerotherapy, which is the injection of minuscule amounts of a chemical irritant to the spider vein to disturb the innermost lining of the vein and promote its collapse and eventual resorption and disappearance. While there is no spider vein treatment available that will remove all traces of these tiny veins, sclerotherapy is an extremely effective method of greatly reducing their appearance.
Reticular Veins are very close to the surface of the skin and often bluish in appearance. They usually do not protrude or bulge out, and they are slightly larger than spider veins, usually about 1-3 mm in diameter. Reticular veins may indicate more serious venous disease and a complete examination could be needed to determine the health of the larger veins leading into the diseased reticular veins.

Our Minneapolis reticular veins treatment is done in a similar fashion to spider veins, utilizing sclerotherapy to irritate the innermost lining of the vein which leads to its collapse, resorption, and disappearance.

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